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 Welcome to the latest version of the Hanyu Tasting . It has been delayed for more than  two years due to the Corona Virus. And now  the crisis with Russia attacking Ucraine.We still have  decided the four cities  but no dates  . The launching deadline is at the moment open.

Wellcome again to the site.

We are now presenting the  World Tour of a Hanyu Full deck tasting with  four tastings around the world.  Each  tasting  will be a two day event divided into four flights including all 54 bottles of the Ichiro’s Malt Card Series. The tastings will take place in four different Cities with up to 20 participants each  and minimum 10 . 

The Cities and dates are 2022:

Paris 11-12 Mars    

Singapore 26-27 Mars 

Taipei  Taiwan 2-3 April

Las Vegas 7-8 May  

Out of the ordinary whisky events for selected guests with high-class experiences

In Paris , Salvatore Mannino a well known tasting leader, working for La Maison du Whisky in Paris will lead the tasting at the famous bar Golden Promise.

In Singapore and Tapei the tastings will be presented and led by Stefan Van Eycken, a well known whisky connoisseur and author of the book Whisky Rising; a guide to the revolution of Japanese whisky.

In Las Vegas, Keith Pasko, a well known taster, knowing Japaneese culture inside and out, will lead and guide you all the way.

Each flight contains 13 to 14 samples with 10 ml cask strength  samples of each.

All guests who participate in these Hanyu tasting events will become honorable members of the Monochrome Joker Club, the MJC, a club exclusive to the selected few worldwide who have tasted all 54 casks The Ichiros Playing Card Serie.

As an additional treat, including in the ticket, a blended malt will be released to commemorate the occasions. It is produced by Mr Ichiro Akuto at the Chichibu distillery in Saitama Prefecture North of Tokyu Japan. It is limited edition of the MJC 1, the Monochrome Joker Club No 1, wich is a Hanyu and Chichibu specially blended malt. The edition is limited to 72 bottles, all individually numbered bottles.

Further, options for orders for signed books by Stefan, MJCpins, certificate, and specially printed deck of cards and will be presented to ticket holders.

The price for a seat at the table is 14,000 Euros.

Hanyu and Chichibu

The Ichiro’s Malt Card Collection

Several Japanese whisky distilleries have produced legendary lines of whisky bottles, but Ichiro’s Malt Card Series is probably the most sought after . Their origin, Hanyu Distillery, is one of the smallest and most renowned distilleries in Japan, sadly ended production in 2,000. Ichiro Akuto (the founder’s grandson) saved 400 casks when the distillery shut down. The best of these from the years 1985 to 2,000 were used for the bottling of this Ichiros malts collection. Just like a deck of playing cards, this unique collection features 54 single cask editions that each represent a card in a poker deck including two jokers.

  Each bottle has its own original card label and its own, one-of-a-kind, flavour. Expect heightened, multifaceted, cask-driven flavour experiences.

Akuto’s approach to the whisky was one that now has caused nearly cult-like adoration from whisky fans worldwide. The increased interest in the card series as an anthology was not expected and today collecting all 54 bottles from the Ichiro’s Malt Card Series is one of life’s toughest whisky challenges. According to Hanyu Cards Index Performance Summary at Rare Whisky 101.com the value of the whiskies has risen with approximately 467% since 2014.

 A tasting with this complete collection of unopened bottles has never been done before and possibly it will never happen again.  

The entire card series collection is so rare and valuable that the last time a 54 cards collection of the Ichiro’s Malt Card Series came onto the market was at an auction in November  2020. The final price at the Bonhams event in Hong Kong landed at US$1,520,000.  and Rare Whisky 101 estimates the value of today would be + £ 1,000,000. 

The Monocrome Joker Club

To be inaugurated into the Monochrome Joker Club there is only one criterion: To have tasted all the 54 bottles of Ichiro’s Malt Card Series.

All participants at the events will be welcomed in to the Monochrome Joker Club after fulfilling the tasting experience. This is a space for likeminded, passionate whisky lovers with a grounded dedication for the flavors of whisky.

Yearly The club will invite members for worldwide tastings of Hanyu whiskies. Monochrome Joker Club will annually arrange these special tastings, exclusively for its members.

We are pleased to welcome you to the Monochrome Joker Club.

Rules of engagement

  The basic price for the ticket is 14,000 Euros. 

The fees for the ticket is only  payed back if  the criteria for the event is not reached or the virus situation prevents us not to succeed. The criteria is: The events will not be held unless  a minimum of a total of 40 tickets are sold , including  10 seats at each tasting. The deadline is the 15 of February 2022  for launching of this project.

If you accept the rules of engagement and have further interest, please fill in the form down below or contact me for any question in the matter at


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